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Found : Good Middle Eastern Restaurant

So Tiff and and I were traipsing about the westside of Cleveland yesterday and it become lunchtime after much deliberation we decided to go to Villa Y Zapata or whatever at 80th and Madison but they were closed and then we decided to go to Phnom Panh's original location and our way there we passed a Lebanese place that we had never seen and were tempted and decided to go straight there if Phnom Panh was closed which it was. So we turned around and went to

Sahara Restaurant
12501 Lorain Ave
Cleve OH 44111

The first thing that caught our attention was they brought us a little plate of pickles and pickled horseradish (red) which immediately made me think of a Jewish place. Pickled veggies were excellent due to a different array of spices.

For appetizers we ordered Kibdeh (Lamb liver) and Stuffed Grape Leaves. No Kibdeh on sunday, the butcher that brings it fresh everyday is closed on sunday. well shucks. So I had a spinach pie that was pretty good. but I do love Liver and I'll be back for that later.

They listed an Arabic Salad and I bumped my house salad up to this. And it was awesome. Lemon and Olive oil dressing and lots of mint on lettuce cuke, tomatoes and onion dressing nothing super crazy just a nice twist on a regular salad.

For entrees Tiff had Shish Kafta and I had the Kaliyah skillet (sauteed veggies) w/lamb. Mine was excellent especially combined with the rice they brought out.

Anyway, we were favorably impressed it was a small place that had a very authentic taste. I confirmed the presence of a little old lebanese lady cooking in the back.
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