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Restaurant Review: Taste on Lee rd

Taste is a new restaurant at 5248 Lee Rd next to Atma (yoga) Center. It's owned by the same guy that owns Cafe Tandoor, or at least he's involved anyway.
Tiff and I popped over last sunday for dinner. 2 people 3 courses couple drinks and coffee about $100. They also have a prix fixe menu which is 3 courses and 2 glasses of wine for $45 which we should have gotten but we prefer the freedom of à la carte.

I had the chicken spring roll appetizer which was good but not mind blowing. Tiff had the beets she didn't squee over them.

for entrees I had the rack of lamb w/cumin mashed carrots and tiff had the pork belly. I had a bite of hers and both were delicious. the carrots were a good idea that i don't think came off as perfectly as possible but I certainly enjoyed them nevertheless.

Dessert was where it all fell apart I had the red bell pepper cheesecake which was a lot like the carrots, also too thick/hard. Tiff hard the carmel thingy which was just a lot of caramel on some pie crust w/ice cream. She sent it back after nibbling the ice cream.

the people next to us were overheard to say the wine list was good. I can never tell.

Overall 7.7 out of 10.

Next time i'm in that area i'll hit anatoly across the street instead or if i really want rack of lamb i'll go to Nighttown. actually if i really want rack of lamb i'll settle for tiff's grilled trader joe's frozen lamb chops.
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