khiron1416 (khiron1416) wrote in eatingcleveland,

Food in cleveland

So after a few days absence (I've been moving) I notice there a couple posts about food. When I first got on LJ I joined eatingcleveland in hopes of being referred to little nooks and crannies of eating goodness here in cleveland or NE Ohio even. unfortunately..

This board is dead.

But it shouldn't be, and it doesn't have to be.
So I'm making up this meme-like thing

1) Your personal favorite restaurant in NE ohio not the best, just your favorite.
2) A restaurant you would like to go to but haven't for whatever reason (price, distance, etc.)
3) Your most recent hot Discovery
4) What side of cleveland you live on. Clevelanders will of course know what I'm talking about.

So for me this would be
1 -My current fave is Superior Pho on superior near E 30th
2 -I've never been to Sokolowski's in Tremont
3 - Lola (or Lolita, whichever) in Tremont does $5 kobe beef burgers w/egg during happy hour! [also that there's a Kosher dairy restaurant I haven't been to]
4 It's not the dark or the light side (no it's not.) It's the EAST SIDE
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